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Q: How do I know when I’ve reached this “glass ceiling” in my business?

A: Well, if you’re asking this question then it’s probably a good sign that you’ve reached your glass ceiling. If you feel as though you’re at your wits end not knowing what to do next – and your caught on the lead-generation treadmill, then you’ve hit your glass ceiling. It often doesn’t matter whether you’ve opened your own agency or bought into a franchise for an existing brand – there’s only so far you can go in the industry when you lock yourself into the “competitive” mindset.

Q: Will this generate more leads?

A: This is actually quite a loaded question. The “lead generation” business is changing drastically right before our very eyes. The companies in real estate that will succeed in the future will no longer utilise the tradtional method of “lead funneling”. Sure, it’s always a numbers game, but the real estate professionals that set themselves apart will be focused more on relationship building and adding value before “first contact” with the client/prospect. Consider the fact that when someone is searching for a property – whether for sale or for rent, what is it they do? They’re “click happy”. They click through all the listings they can find on the first couple pages of Google, looking for something that catches their eye. If you’ve gotten an enquiry, then you may as well figure that eight to ten of your competitors have just received the very same email. You now have to work that much harder just to cultivate this one lead. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our team works with you to develop a system that builds a unique emotional bond with your prosepctive clients. If they see you on the internet, they’ll recognise you as the leader in your marketplace and act accordingly. If they’re recommended to your company, then they’ll probably search for you online. What they find will re-affirm their decision to work with you and your company. Over time, you’ll generate a LOT of leads, but think of it this way; are you creating a foundation for lifetime value from your prospects?

Q: I already have a brand… Don’t I?

A: Are you sure? Just because your name is out there in the public, doesn’t mean you’ve got a brand. Putting your smiling face on a business card or a bus-stop billboard doesn’t make for a complete “package”. Sorry to burst your bubble (but you knew this already). Even if you’re an agent of an internationally recognised company doesn’t mean you’ve got a brand. It’s very easy to get lost in a sea of other real estate professionals that are all doing the same thing. Step outside the box for a moment and take a serious look at your image. Would you do business with you? Why? What do you have that sets you apart from others in your industry? Can you rise to the top just on “listings” alone? I’d venture a guess that if you’re reading this text, then you don’t have the proper brand and device in place to effectively connect with your target demographic. Keep reading… we can help!

Q: I’ve already got Point2, the MLS, and/or other systems in place. What do I do?

A: Excellent. That means you have a few pieces of the puzzle already hanging around. Point2 is great for networking with other agents and staying up-to-date with notifications. the MLS or your version of a multiple-listing-service is a great resource for all the technical information you’ll need an nearly any given property. If you’re using HomeAway or similar software to market your rentals, then you have yet another advertising outlet already in your arsenal. What you do next is get to work on making these systems coherent. All of these elements should flow seamlessly together to create a wonderful and memorable user-experience for your clients and future prospects. Remember, a good experience goes a long, long way in solidifying your brand into the minds of your prospects.

Q: Will this help to alleviate my workload?

A: Absolutely yes. In addition to front-end setup we work to streamline your back office as well. More times than not, most of the tools you may be already using (or will implement in the future) can all be tied together. We can integrate your email systems with your active marketing systems, we can help you achieve a more “hands-off” and passive approach to other forms of advertising all the way from promoting specific properties and communities to promoting upcoming specials, offers, and promotions. Your scope can be very narrow or very broad, yet still function with the click of a button. Think of Location Cubed Group working with you as a team of employees toiling away around the clock.

Q: I’m not necessarily an “agent”, I develop my own real estate projects. Do I need this?

A: You sure do. You have just as much at stake as agents and brokers – maybe more. Excessive holding costs can bleed a company dry – don’t fall into that trap. Build your project, build your brand – create that emotional connection. While others’ struggle to throw together a “marketing campaign” as their project is nearing completion, you’ll have yours ready to go from the moment your project is conceived. It’s important to remember that Google actually takes quite a long time to “index” (list) your business/service/product in the search results. For those that begin marketing a project when it is nearing completion, you still have another 6-12 months to go before you can dominate the search engines!


Here’s an interesting point regarding this topic – If you are an agent or a broker, you can also take advantage of this opportunity in disguise. Many builders and developers don’t abide by this simple rule. If, as an agent, you’re job is to market and promote “key” communities, then why not create a sub-brand that does exactly this for you? Just because a builder isn’t marketing his properties properly doesn’t mean you can’t cash in on that opportunity!

Q: So how long does this take?

A: Make no mistake, this is a longer term venture. While you’ll see visual results rather immediately, the exponential increase in leads, and the quality thereof, usually coincides with Google’s indexing of your new digital network of websites and marketing efforts. It can take Google anywhere from around eight months to a year and half to give you results you can rest your hat on. Any “SEO Expert” who tells you otherwise is over-promising and will likely under-deliver. Here’s the great part though – we still work with all our real estate clients. The team at Location Cubed is a “employee” that does the work of many – around the clock. We have location around the world, so in essence, we rarely sleep. Could you hire just one employee that does what we do for the same “salary”? Probably not. That’s why we consider our clients part of our family.

Q: How much will this cost me?

A: You can (and we recommend you do) visit our parent website at for more detailed information on our packages and what they include. This website (Location Cubed Design) is geared specifically towards the Real Estate Industry, so we’ve omitted information not highly relevant to this specific industry. Keep in mind, we’re real estate professionals at the core – who learned by trial and error how to do this for ourselves and now we share that expertise with people like you. As each client is different, here is the average investment:

We require an upfront fee of £5,000. This covers our initial start-up including domain name registration, hosting/server setup fees, and your primary (parent) website creation, development, set-up, and launch. We typically divide this payment up into installments for you should you require it. This initial process takes approximately three months.

Once your parent site is launched, we convert you to a monthly payment plan of £2,100. At this point, we’re truly part of your team. Expect between 1-3 niche websites each and every month, plus access to us when you need us for your marketing needs – we have a staff of graphic designers, renderers, as well as people well-versed in business plan and executive summary creation. During our initial consultation, we lay out a short, mid, and long-term plan of action that suits your needs and goals.


Consider this: Your “hiring” our entire team to work for you for about one-half the cost of hiring just one real estate professional in today’s marketplace. This is exactly how you leverage yourself and your company to gain the ultimate competitive edge.

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